Recommended by Veterinarians

There is always someone at the kennel 24 hrs. day seven days a week. Our "RUNS" average 5' by 10' in size and are indoors. You are welcome to bring your personal dog bedding, so they will have something from home. If you do not wish to bring anything we will be glad to provide your pet with bedding. Toys are welcome but not necessary.

We have a large secure grassy yard for your pet to have individual play time


As your pet is here to be safe in your absence, it is our policy for any reason your pet is in distress Health - wise we will not hesitate to take it to the vet. If possible we will go to your vet otherwise we will notify our veterinarian. We will only administer medication that is approved by either your vet or ours. If it requires for the animals saftey to stay with the vet we will leave the animal there.

You will be responsible for all vet expenses plus the boarding charges acquired up to that point with Ducks On the Green.

We provide full service grooming for your pet by appointment or as an exit service. We use quality pet spa products. Our groomers have over 20 experience with all breeds and personalities.

We will not accept any animals without Veterinarian proof for the following vaccinations

                    Rabies         DHPP      Bordetella

These vaccinations are required for the safety of your pets health. We disinfect daily to minimize germs in the kennel, but some viruses are airborn and difficult to control. If you have any doubt about your pets vaccinations being current we recommend you check with your vet. prior to your reservation. 

We feed a premium food to all boarding dogs and cats. If your pet is on a special diet and you would prefer them not to change you are more than welcome to bring in their own food.